Management Dynamics

Topics: Employment, Management, Human resource management Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The employment relationship is the linkage between employers and employees. Rights and entitlements exist under laws, regulations and cooperative agreements (work place agreements), and which are precise to workers work within the framework of an employment relationship (The employment relationship 2006). It is noticeable that human resource management (HRM) relate with the strategic goals of the organisation (Balnave, Deo & Rosier 2010). To obtain the objective of the organisation within the limited amount of time, it is important to negotiate employees’ requirement for the firm under the work agreement. Thus, the occurrence of conflict between employers and employees will be likely to reduce. The case of Spotlight retail business pointed out the covert manifestations of conflict as a consequence of reducing labour hours and pay rate are separated between different locations (Spotlight 2011). Boxall and Dowling (1990) discussed that HRM present valuable structure to develop employment regulation in the workplace which emphasis on workers skill development. The two approaches mostly accepted HRM are hard and soft approaches. Soft approach recognizes employees as a valued asset which provides a competitive edge to the firm and mainly emphasis on trust, development and commitment (Balnave, Deo & Rosier 2010). On the other hand, hard approach is based on concept of tough strategic control and focus on reducing labour cost and increasing efficiency (Truss etal. 2003). In offering the Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs), Spotlight’s actions reflect a hard approach to HRM due to limit working hours which an agreement offered only 4 hours per week for Mount Druitt part-time workers (Coorey 2006). It also present that there will be no double paid for non-salaries employees either they work on public holidays or additional hours. Moreover, pay rates are altered at different places, whereas, Coffs Harbour employees got $14.30 an hour but Mount Druitt workers...
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