Management: Controlling

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Control is an extremely important factor that corporations face daily. Organizational control is the process of regulating the daily activities of an organization, therefore, making them comply with the plans, targets, and standards of performance that have been established from within (Daft and Marcic, 503).

Under Armour Incorporated has established some control systems to better manage the company internally. One would expect that this company would make major strides in the area of quality control. Under Armour is known for their cutting-edge approach to producing sports apparel. In order to improve distribution operations, Under Armour has recently enlisted the services of AL Systems Incorporated. AL Systems provides clients with integrated supply chain software solutions that improve the flow of merchandise through distribution centers. AL Systems solutions include paperless picking, packing and putting; cross- docking, in-motion manifesting; automated print & apply solutions; and automated sortation Identifying objects that are stamped with a bar code and routing them to the appropriate destination. Sortation is typically a high-speed process used in the transportation industry by companies such as Federal Express, UPS and others. See sort and bar code.  and conveyor control. These additions will allow Under Armour to manage the warehouse more effectively because now they will be able to process thousands of orders with improved accuracy, while it reduces errors and streamlines flow through the warehouse. Quality control is not the only focus for Under Armour, which publicly illustrates their system for controlling finances. The Under Armour website shows the financial statements for the company back to inception. Financial statements show basic information used to begin to grasp financial control of an organization (Daft and Marcic, 511). Under Armour uses these statements to gauge if the improvements in other areas such...
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