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Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 9 (2498 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Bachelor of Business Administration - Semester 1
BBA 101: ‘Communication Skills’
Q1. Explain the process of communication.
Ans: As per definition, the progression of transmission and interchange of ideas, facts, feelings or actions is known as “Process of Communication”. A Process of an action or operation operates in a systematic direction that comes to some purpose or comes to end. Communication has a different way of process in which there is an exchange of ideas towards some direction. Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons. Communication is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create an Understanding in the mind of another it involves a systematic and continuous process. In this process of communication there involves more than a person’s plays a role to carry a message or a information that make some work to be done. Message or an information that can be understand by the both side sender or a receiver. The process of communication is normally known by a sender who starts a communications process. He/she is spreads or communicates a message with the propose of information, order or questioning as a behavior of a receiver. Process of Communication is a full cycle of events from sender to the receiver and back to the sender. A message is received by a receiver, a receiver understand a message properly and then reacts accordingly to the message received by a receiver as a feedback. Communication process begins with the sender. The process has been done between the two or more than two person in which there is a sharing or learning of an ideas through listening. In this Process two or more than two person participating through a medium that helps to transfers a message or information to which it had been proposed. That can be easily understood by the both side, the sender and a receiver. Model table for The Process of communication : FeedbackNoise




Q2. Explain the listening process. As a listener, why do you think listening plays a vital role in the organization? Ans: The Listening process, it is a process in which listener I able to understand what is spoked in some sence. A listening process is an open commitment to engage actively in the world and thought of the person or people to whom you are listening and a corresponding commitment on the part of the other person or people to enter into yours. It does not presume agreement or disagreement; it presumes a striving for empathy. Hearing, attending, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding is a sound pattern that’s interpreted. These stages occur in sequence, but they generally performed with little awareness an often rapid succession it is also a process in which a message is received by he/she is clearly understood and responds to situation, he/she reacts accordingly. It is a complex process—an integral part of the total communication process, albeit a part often ignored. This neglect results largely from two factors. Speaking and writing are highly visible, and are more easily assessed than listening and reading. And reading behavior is assessed much more frequently than listening behavior, that is; we are more often tested on what we read than on what we hear. And when we are tested on material presented in a lecture, generally the lecture has been supplemented by readings. Many of us aren’t willing to improve our listening skills. Much of this unwillingness results from our incomplete understanding of the process—and understanding the process could help show us how to improve. To understand the listening process, we must first define it. As a listener, I think listening plays a vital role in the organization because when a message is once received or decoded by a receiver it is clear that the listener has responds to it accordingly. He...
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