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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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TED Talk – Raghava KK: Five lives of an artist

Raghava KK Profile: Raghava began his career in art at an early age. He was first caught in his school drawing “The bust of the naked” By Michael Angelo. Later he dropped out of the school at an age of 16 to pursue his career as a cartoonist.

Below is a summary of the TED Talk, in which Raghava shares his experiences in 5 stages or avatars.

1st Avatar: Cartoonist.

He made around 30,000 cartoons of different themes and occasions like Birthdays, weddings, divorces, funerals etc. He started travelling around and taught children to draw cartons from whom he learned to be spontaneous, creative, crazy and full of fun. Later when was 18 he started a school of arts for children. Since it was not an easy job to open a school at such young age in India provided you have affluent influences, he went to meet the Prime minister of India who happened to visit Bangalore. He got lucky to clear the security levels with the help of a nuclear scientist who he made cartoons for earlier, and was able to meet the Prime Minister and drew a caricature of him. Since then he made many cartoons of and for the Celebrities in India and globally one of which was of Salman Rushdie with an alteration of the NY map. He also drew a caricature of Osama Bin Laden taking a bite of an apple in front of the Twin Towers while the hijacked plane was bringing them down. This was released soon after the 9/11 incident, which Raghava felt, was so naïve of him to do that and was received with hostile reception all over the world asking him to leave The Cartoonist Organization of America. This experience made him realize the true power of cartoons and that art come with a social responsibility. After these events he decided to take a break from the status quo, shut down his school and went travelling abroad. During this period he met a painter from Italy and was influenced by his realistic approach to art and then decided to be a painter.

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