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Quality Management Case Study (Assignment 1)

CE00783-M : Quality & Project Management for Technology


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Quality Management Case Study (Assignment 1)

CONTENTS 1. Introduction
1.1 Total Quality Management 1.2 Aims and Objectives

2. Background
2.1 Organization 2.2 Product 2.3 Production process

3. Problems and Causes
3.1 Problems in Production process
3.1.1 3.1.2 3.1.3 3.1.4 3.1.5 Precision jointing Component assembly Adhesive applicators Component subassembly Painting

3.2 Quality Costs 3.3 Problems with employees 3.4 Complaints and Warranty and claims

4. Solutions for JEEVES PLC
4.1 Solutions for problems in production process
4.1.1 4.1.2 4.1.3 4.1.4 4.1.5 Precision jointing Component assembly Adhesive applicators Component subassembly Painting

4.2 Solutions to Quality costs 4.3 Solutions to problems with employees 4.4 Solutions to Complaints Warranty and Claims

5. Conclusions 6. Bibliography

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Quality Management Case Study (Assignment 1)

Quality is a concept which is based on ones ideas and opinions rather than facts and hence is very hard to define. Simply quality is conformance to requirement as agreed with the customer. Since quality is appraised by the customer, it is very important in maintaining customer satisfaction as it is the key objective in any business. Total Quality Management is a philosophy with great scope which helps to sell the product by considering all perspectives of a company. By constraining to Total Quality Management, a company would be more stabilized in its sales as continuous improvement in quality of the product is manifested. By applying the concept of Total Quality Management to each and every department, the company would observe exponential growth in profits whilst aggrandizing itself in a fruitful manner rather than following conventional ways of cost cutting and reducing emoluments of grass root workers in order to achieve its goals.

The main aim of this report is to identify the problems in the company from the given data and provide creditable solutions comprising of quality management methodologies, techniques and tools. These techniques help to surmount frequent problems by controlling the number of defective units as much as possible whilst maintaining its quality. For this the following objective measures of quality should be considered. They are performance, features, reliability, serviceability, durability, conformance, aesthetics and low cost. The said objective measures can be achieved by analyzing the statistics and using quality control tools such as flowcharts, check sheets, Pareto diagrams, histograms, cause and effect diagrams, scatter diagrams and control charts.

JEEVES PLC is a company that does both manufacturing and sales of a consumer durable product which is a Domestic Robot with human appearance and is designed to do regular household tasks. The company operates during the whole year except on Sundays and 2 weeks each for Christmas and summer. The production process works on a 3 shift system of 8 hours each. JEEVES PLC is lead by a production director, 8 managers for purchasing, inspection, works, production control, stores, shift 1, shift 2 and shift 3 and an assistant works manager. The production line is divided into 13 sections each supervised by its respective supervisor. These sections are cutting, pressing, cleaning and spray, jointing, general machining, backs assembly, fronts assembly, heads assembly, arms assembly, legs assembly, adhesives,

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