Management Books for Strategy

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Business Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Strategic Management – Text Books for Concepts/Theory/Principles/Practices/ Applications.

1) Strategic Management Theory & Application by Adrian Haberberg & Alison Rieple. Oxford University Press. 2) Strategic Management by Garth Saloner, Andrea Podolny, Joel. John Wiley & Sons. 3) Understanding Strategic Management by Anthony Henry. Oxford University Press. 4) Business Policy & Strategic Management by Gupta, Vinod Gollakota, Kamala Srinivasan. Printice Hall of India. 5) Encyclopedia of Strategic Management by Simon Wooton, Terry Horne. Crest Publishing House. 6) Concepts in Strategic Management & Business Policy by Thomas Wheelen, David Hunger, Krish Rangarajan. Dorling Kindersley (India). 7) Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach by Charles Hill, Gareth Jones. Biztantra. 8) Strategic Management: Theory & Practice by John Parnell. Biztantra. 9) Business Policy & Strategic Management by Lawrence Jauch, Rajiv Gupta, William Glueck. Frank Brothers & Co. 10) Corporate Strategic Management by P K Gupta. Everest Publishing. 11) Business Policy & Strategic Management: The Complete Text Book of Business Policy, Corporate Planning & Strategic Management for Management Students by M V Kulkarni. Everest Publishing House. 12) Strategic Management: A Multi-perspective Approach by Mark Jenkins, Veronique Ambrosini. Palgrave. 13) The Essence of Strategic Management by Cliff Bowman. Prentice Hall of India. 14) Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Strategic Management by Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand. The Free Press. 15) Strategic Management by Alex Miller, Gregory Dess. The McGraw Hill Comp. 16) Handbook of Business Strategy: A Comprehensive Resource Guide to Strategic Management from Long Range Planning to Tactical Business Development by Gray Faulkner.

Strategic Management – Case Studies Text Books

1) Extremely Short Cases on Strategic Management by Agit Prasad. Excel Books. 2) Strategic...
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