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Topics: Management, Organization, Corporation Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: February 23, 2011
1.Explain why people, an organization’s employees, are considered a valuable asset.

Keywords: Intellectual capital, knowledge management. Eventually the company is nothing without the people working in it. The people are the driving force of any organization. Answer also to be found on page 6 of the management book.

Employees are a valuable asset to any company, no matter how big or small. Without people/employees a company can not function properly. Goals need to be achieved in order for the company to reach high demands and to be effective and efficient. In order to reach a company’s demand they need highly trained employers to get the tasks at hand finished on time. Meetings need to be brought together by the managers of the company to bring their people/employers together to discus ideas and to make improvements. Companies need people, without them they could not function properly. Employees are divided by their skill levels and positioned in the company that would be best suited for the business. With a proper functioning company, everyone involved is an important asset. Businesses need people/employees for planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These four tasks are very important in a successful business.

2.Describe the various challenges that managers must face in the 21st century workplace. To what extent are you, as a future manager, prepared to meet each of these challenges? Explain your answer

Keywords: Intellectual knowledge, Challenges to be faced: Ethics, technology, diversity. Answer also to be found on pages 21 till 23 in the management book. For Melissa: Nodira and I also have to write an individual answer concerning the second part of the question. That’s why I’ve put your name behind your answer!!

With technology changing everyday, managers are faced with various challenges. Some of the challenges that they are faced with are competition with other companies, distributing command and control, emphasizing team...
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