Management Behavior Memo

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  • Published : September 9, 2010
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Management Behavior Memo
University of Phoenix
October 25, 2009
October 25, 2009
TO: All First Level Managers
FROM: SDS, Manager
RE: Management Behavior

The CEO has announced InterClean, Inc. has officially acquired EnviroTech, placing 60 employees into our current sales team within the next few months. This merger will place the company in the lead of the global market. The equilibrium of the merger will require commitment on the behalf of the management team. This memorandum is for you, as managers, to understand how to be prepared to adapt to the challenges of the merger, especially in regards to three specific areas: management behavior and communication, teamwork within a diverse atmosphere, and employment laws.

Management Behavior & Communication

There are times in which society celebrates outstanding companies, when in truth there are only outstanding managers to be commended (Cascio, 2005). Perhaps the celebration of these outstanding companies is because employee behavior can be greatly affected by management behavior. Managers should be the model of how the ideal employee acts, thinks, and behaves. Managers form the cornerstone for productive employees. For our company to lead in the global market, we will need productive, engaged employees who have taken the initiative from management examples.

Managers should be well informed. A knowledgeable manager will be better equipped to lead a productive department. A manager with either personal knowledge or access to information will lend his/herself to be a better source for stability in a time of change and transition. I wish it to be known I am available as a resource for the management team in regards to any questions any manager may have. I am asking all leaders to take a proactive approach and seek answers to your own questions before the need to answer employee questions arises. This leads me into the area of...
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