Management as a Comprehensive Od Intervention : a Case Study of Southeast Bank Ltd.

Topics: Strategic management, Strategic planning, Management Pages: 29 (6526 words) Published: August 31, 2012
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Strategic Management

Evolution of strategic management

Initiation of strategy: Triggering Events

Facets of Strategic Management

Key Terms in Strategic Management

The Five Tasks of Strategic Management

Some facts about Strategic Management

Strategic Management Model development

Elements of Strategic Management Model used in the organization

Profile of Southeast Bank Ltd

Problems/ weakness found in Southeast Bank Ltd.

Solution of the problems applying Strategic Management

Link between Organization Development and Strategic Management



Starting by the name of Almighty Allah.

I would like to express their science and hearty gratitude and profound indebtedness to our respectful teacher Md. Abul Kashem, Associate Professor, Department of MIS, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka for his constant timely and appropriate guidance, helpful advice, invaluable assistance and endless patience throughout the progress of her work, without which the work could not have been completed.

I also acknowledge with hearty thanks to all the OD and Strategic Management analyst and practitioners who submit their research in the internet. Without their contribution term paper cannot be completed. Special thanks to the writer Thomson for the outstanding research book on Strategic Management.

Finally, I knowledge all cooperation of my friends, who help me through giving their important information and suggestion.

Table of Contents

TopicPage Number
Introduction 7
Strategic Management7-8
Evolution of Strategic Management8-9
Initiation of strategy: Triggering Events9
Facets of Strategic Management9-11
Key terms in Strategic Management11
The Five tasks of Strategic Management11
Some facts about Strategic Management11-14
Strategic Management Model Development15-22
Elements of Strategic Management used in the Organization23-29 Profile of the Southeast Bank Ltd29
Problems / Weakness found in Southeast Bank Ltd30-31
Solutions of the problems applying strategic management31-33 Link between Organization Development and Strategic Management33-34 Conclusion35


The term paper is on Strategic Management as a comprehensive OD intervention. So a brief description of Strategic Management , Strategic Management Model and its implementation in an organization is available in the term paper.
I have visited different websites for relevant information and download slides, books to learn about Strategic Management , Its models, features , how it is implemented in an organization and so on.

I also read some work papers from online to see the guideline and also find their limitations. I also learn a lot of thing form there.

I try to write about Strategic Management, Its model, features, functions, objectives, implementation in the organization.

The term paper consists a case study of Southeast Bank Ltd. During my internship of 3 months I find some problems and weakness which I describe here and also mention the remedies of these problems using Strategic Management.

My ultimate goal is to prove Strategic Management as a comprehensive OD intervention.


My motive is to write in a brief about Strategic Management and how it is a comprehensive OD intervention. The a short review of the whole term paper is given below:

1.Strategic Management : Details explanation on Strategic Management and its application in Organizations.
2.Evolution of Strategic Management: A short history of the evolution of Strategic Management.

3.Initiation of strategy: Triggering Events : Here a short explanation of triggering events are given,
4.Facets of Strategic...
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