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Business Communication Assignment

The Minutes Report On The HR Summit Held at Amity International Business School (AIBS) on 28, 29 September, 2012.

Theme:- The Current Industrial Scenario and HR Challenges

Submitted To,
Dr.Veenus Jain, AIBS

Submitted By,
S V S Pawan Kumar Reddy,
Enrollment No. A1802012235
Section F,


HR Summit, Day 01
Friday, September 28, 2012
11:30 AM

Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Arup Roy Chaudhary, Chairman & MD, NTPC - India  
Time Allotted: 30 Minutes
* HR People Can Design the careers of People.
* HR's Should put themselves into the roles of their employees and learn from them. * Input is not equal to Output in HR.
* Motivation should be from Self.
* HR's should understand that different employees will work for different purposes.(Salary, Job Satisfaction etc.) * Only 10% will drag your attention in work place. Be with them and empathize with them. * HR practices of Indian HR's are challenged when they work in western markets which are different to east. * Must not ignore the domestic markets and should keep a close eye on it. * Ready to Change - Open Mind to Change.

* Should become a leader who have the followers who believe that you are the best thing happened for them in life. * Every person have something to give you.
Action Items
Launch of Amity Global HRM Review.
Honoring the Chief Guest.

I. Vote Of Thanks
Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Sanjay Sreevatsav
1. Challenge Management.
2. Changing Paradigm.
3. A Platform to employees to handle equity.
4. A Platform to employees to have creative freedom.

I. Nitin Sachdeva, 11.35 AM
I don’t want to be rich.
I don’t want to be happy.
I just want to be great.

I. Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Prasanth Bhatnagar
Time Allotted: 11:40 AM - 12:00 AM
* Catbert evil of HR
* Current Business Climate is Confusion + Uncertainty + Change + Dislocation + Chaos  
* Current Industry Challenges are Changes in Economic + Legal + Political + Regulatory + Technology Systems in all nations.  
* The probability of market leader being a profitability leader is 34% in 1950's and 07% in 2007.  
* The Traditional way of Thinking about Industry Competition has Changed. For Ex. The competitors for VISA Cards, Master Cards etc. are Mobile Moneys.  
* The building bridges for the challenges include
1. Hiring for skills to hiring for skills and perspective of agility and innovation. 2. Building and fostering a cultural change.
3. Investment in leadership development.

I. Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Mrs.Reenu Bhuvana, IIM Calcutta, IIT Roorkee
Time Allotted: 12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
* World Market Challenges
1. Tough Competition
2. Margins are decreasing.
3. Recession
4. Cost cutting
* Domestic Challenges
1. Innovation
3. HR vs. IR
* Evolution Of HR
1. Collective indispensability VS Individual Indispensability 2. Reference to Maruti Manesar Case
* HR Challenges and Solution
1. Alignment of HR with IR
2. HR Profession's Integrity
* Should stand up courageously to tell that its wrong.
* Hiring and Firing Norms.
* What does a decision will communicate to people.

I. Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Mr.Atin Srivatsav, HR Director, Mahindra Satyam.
Time Allotted: 12:20 PM - 12:40 PM
* Current Scenario Of World Markets
1. Highly Dynamic due to High Growth Rate.
2. There is continuous Innovation.
3. Demand for Man Power.
4. Demand for Supply.
5. Ethical in Current Competition.

I. Agenda Topic: Change Alignment and HR Challenges
Speaker: Mr. Raj Gupta, HR Director, Tata...
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