Management and Training Young Men

Topics: Management, Leadership, Fortune 500 Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: July 6, 2012
I am delighted to be here with you this morning.
It is an opportunity to visit the XLRI Institute in Jamshedpur that has been rendering service to the nation by training young men and women business management. Moreover it is my pleasure to meet young leaders, who will be the future of business world. I want you to look around you and remember this moment. Look at your batch-mates and your teachers, because from now on life will toss you around the world, and most of you will meet only at alumni parties to recall these best moments. For most of you, this day will be a very happy one. You are graduating from one of the finest management institutes in the world, with a splendid future in front of you. 30 years down the lane some of you guys would have climbed your way to Fortune 500 companies. Some will be charismatic entrepreneurs, and some learned university professors. But one attribute is common among all these roles-the leadership.XLRI has chiseled your leadership skillset and prepared you to face any sort of challenge. Remember, the difference between a boss and a leader... A boss sop ay "Go" A leaders say "Let's go". So hey young leaders, The one certainty is that you will all face challenges - after all, that is what makes life exciting - but you also have got adequate training to overcome them. If you survived the first term at GMP, you can survive almost anything. What single piece of advice can I offer you from my life? Make a thoughtful choice of choosing what kind of work you will do and how you will do it. The fact is when young, we think we will be happy if we achieve a lot - we want fame and fortune, and as rapidly as possible. We should do something that we love doing, something that we are passionate about. You need to enjoy the job you are doing and feel productive. Rapid promotion or mega compensation may not bring out the passion. So it is very essential to understand your area of passion and priorities. Once passion established,...
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