Management and Time

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Task 1
I recently started my new role and, after familiarising myself with the various tasks and processes, identified a time management issue within my role and started to look at ways to resolve it. My new involves identifying the requirements of the store and planning for the delivery of those requirements in the time frame provided by the business development team. I identified that there were problems occurring due to the way in which the project information was provided. The project appears on a weekly document showing all upcoming projects, this document indicates the type of project and the time lines for delivery. I would then wait for the information to filter through to me before starting to plan the project and place the orders. This information could arrive a week before the project was due. With suppliers based in the UK, this provided a lot of logistical problems as well. This had been responsible for creating delays and incorrect orders in the past as the instructions have not been communicated in a timely manner, meaning that the planning is rushed, and mistakes are made as the project has had to be pushed into an already heavy workload. My idea, based on the first topic of time management, was to change the whole process to assist all involved. This idea involved the use of a time frame for all projects which included the whole process, rather than just the time lines once the project was on site. To start I noted the time taken for each part of my involvement in the project and spoke with suppliers to agree timeframe for their deliveries and possible areas for improvement in service. We were working on a week from receipt of order to delivery to the warehouse in Sweden. This created issues with the quality of the item received as, quite often, the packaging was rushed and items would arrive damaged. it became clear where we could make improvements, I have since implemented a 6 week notification period for projects meaning that we are aware of projects further in advance, we receive all information at least 20 working days before the items are due on site giving our suppliers have more time to prepare the orders and giving us all have a better chance of completing the project correctly first time We have agreed with the suppliers that they can send their orders direct to the stores. The previous process was that anything supplied from the UK was sent to the UK warehouse, forwarded to the Swedish warehouse and then added to the main shopfitting order from the Swedish warehouse and sent to the store. This increased the risk of damages and reduced the time the supplier had to create the order and ship it. Using the direct to store method is also saving the stores and company money by reducing transport and storage costs as well as reducing the time it takes to resolve an issue (we now have one point of call instead of three should we need to determine where damages or losses occurred). It also allows me to better manage my time. I am aware of the project and can plan a suitable amount of time in my diary to accommodate this around my other commitments. We have been trialling this method for three weeks now and everyone involved feels that this process will move us in the right direction. The first project will be delivered in three weeks time and so far we have not experienced as many problems as we had previously. I used ‘Bringing our feelings into our reflection’ by Pedlar et al (2001). The example was based on a reaction to events that had happened and were currently happening; we then tried to establish if there was a better way of working, using the thoughts and ideas section, we looked at how we were currently working and how we could work to improve our performance. Firstly we needed to recognise the negatives and improve on those before improving on the parts of the process which worked well but not as well as we needed them too. This included the mistakes that were happening and looking at why they...
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