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Managers seek ways to promote the success of an organization and their employees. What are three ways a manager contributes to the success of the organization? Share a personal example that demonstrates how a manager (or authority figure) exhibits one or more dimensions of excellence. Respond to your peers by identifying other dimensions of excellence present in their examples.

Three ways a manager contributes to the success of the organization are Achieve maximum efficiency, motivate their workers and have a clear vision of the organization's future and mission. A personal example I would have is when I was involved with a startup company the built prefab homes. We built then in a shop piece by piece and then trucked the parts to a site and put them together. The owner of the company hired a manger to get things started that happened to be a journeyman I worked under during training when I was a pup. Anyways he took a 12 man crew of carpenters and labors that had worked with over the years to work for him. Many of us did not do the work we were use to doing but he knew where he needed us in the company. For me he knew I had great knowledge of OSHA rules and safety regulations he put me in as a safety manger something I had never done. Over all most of never did the work we were trained to do. But he had a vision for what the company would need to move forward he knew and looked for the people to fill the positions that needed to be filled even if that wasn’t there job before. He told us he had a vision of an upper work force that knew how to do the field work. That way we knew what it was that needed to be done. And over all he was right since most of knew the work we knew what the people under us had to do to get the job done first hand. He had a rule that everyone in the company had a say in the way things were done he felt you never know where a great idea would come from. And many things were tried by what the workers thought would work better some was...
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