Management and Organizational Structure of Goddard Catering Group Ltd. Bottling Water Company

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Management and Organizational structure of Goddard Catering Group Ltd. Bottling water company

Mission Statement
Your Health is our Concern Your thirst is ours to quench
Vision Statement
To be the number one consumer choice for purified drinking water in St. Lucia and other territories.

About the Company

Paradise Water, formally known as Paradise Springs is a private limited company, subsidiary of Goddard catering group St. Lucia Ltd and was established in 1988. The company is located at the Hewanorra International Airport, and is a leading supplier of bottled water in St Lucia, and currently holds the most modern water plant on the island. From the initial stage of blowing up the bottles for distribution of water to sales and marketing of the product Paradise Water aggressively promotes its product both locally and regionally in countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada, and is continuing to expand at a rapid rate. Paradise Water is endorsed by the St Lucia Bureau of Standards and carries the approval seal on every bottle produced. The company began as a spring water bottling company in 1988 providing drinking water to local retail outlets island wide. They began operations with 12 employees which included 1 sales person, a general manager and an operations supervisor. As the years progressed and the company’s sales volume increased the number of employees increased to 87 by 1994. The organizational structure now included an HR Assistant, Operations Manager, and Financial Controller. In that same year the company and all of St Lucia suffered massive losses as a result of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Debby on September 10th. The company’s water source was completely destroyed forcing them to rethink their product strategy. The decision was then taken to transform the company from bottling spring water, to a water purification plant hence the name change.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The company follows a functional structure with horizontal linkage. In this organization the employees report to their department managers and theses managers report to the general manager. A cross functional information system is used to routinely exchange information about problems, opportunities, activities within the company. Departmental managers along with the General Manager are the ones making decisions regarding the company. Each department also has project teams responsible for handling mini tasks within their department.

Changes over the past 20years
Over the past 20 years the company has seen some major changes to its product; the switch from bottling purified water to purified water. The increase in the 500ml bottle size to 600ml
The introduction of the 3 gallon bottle and hand pump
Increase in the number of staff and the introduction of new managerial post such as accounts and human resources. The Product
Paradise Water is available in a variety of bottle sizes which are 600ml, 1.5L, 5L, as well as 3 and 5 gallon sizes. Rigorous testing standards are employed in order to ensure that the water quality meets the highest international standards. Paradise water also provides free coolers to customers who sign up to receive 10 or more 5 gallon bottles of water per week. They also provide the option of rental of the coolers if the criteria for receiving the free cooler cannot be met.

Description of Competitors

Paradise water manufactures branded water for TEMPO, Coconut Bay, BARON Foods and GL Food Market. Paradise Water holds 40% of the market share however its main competitors are Blue Waters and Crystal Clear Water. Blue Waters is a Trinidad based company with a distribution center in the north of the island. Blue waters also provides customers with similir services as Paradise water which includes 1.5L, 5L, and 5 gallon bottles of water. They also provide 650ml, 400ml and 8L bottles of water which...
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