Management and Organisational Behaviour

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Management and Organisational Behaviour Assignment


The aim of this report is to describe the formation, discussion, performance and the nature of the group and team. The report may show how the group of individual went to every stage from being a one person to a team. In this report, I will explain on how the group become a successful team, which is based from my latest experience in a group from Management and Organisational Behaviour class.

First of all, I want to point out the difference between a group and a team. According to Belbin, (2000), he stated several factors that differentiate between group and team. The factors are size, selection of individual, leadership, perception, style and spirit. The table below show the difference in factor between a team and a group:

|Factor |Team |Group | |Size |Limited |Medium or large | |Selection |Crucial |Immaterial | |Leadership |Shared or rotating |Solo | |Perception |Mutual knowledge understanding |Focus on leader | |Style |Role spread Co-ordination |Convergence conformism | |Spirit |Dynamic Interaction |Togetherness persecution of opponents |

Source: Belbin, R.M., Beyond the team, Butterworth-Heinemann,(2000), (Laurie J. Mullins, 2007).

Group Activity

Group Development and Maturity

In order for my group to be a successful team, our group has to go through five stages of group development and maturity. The stages are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Refer model from Tuckman (1965-77).

Group Formation

Our group formed on the 30 November 2009, the tutor randomly selected each individual and put them into a group of five or six. There are five members in my group. As the group formed, the member of my group, including myself, get to know each other and tried to create a good relationship between the group members. The purpose of the group is to make a presentation on one of the following topic that is available. Majority number of my group chooses the topic about “What methods might managers use to motivate employees?”

Once the topic has been decided, the group member set the goal and objective of the group, the goal is to have the best presentation than any other group. Then, each member of the group decide on which part they are going do in the presentation. Therefore, once the goal has been set by the group, and only then we became a team.


The communications between the members of the group are slightly difficult as there are cultural mixed that influence the group. There are Chinese, Nigerian, Britain and I am a Bruneian myself. At first, I find it difficult to communicate with my group members, as they speak fluent English very fast and I find it hard to catch a word that they said. After a couple of group discussion, I realised that my speaking skill are improving from time-to-time, and I found that, there is a huge advantage of working in a mixed cultural group.

The network communication are quite effective, as we exchange phone number and email address, we can communicate and informed each other if there is any sudden changes. However, communication breakdown does happen from time-to-time. These are due to network coverage problem and inactive wireless connection.

Development of Roles

As the group formed, the role that each member...
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