Management and Leadership in Meteor

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 8 (2774 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Assignment 2 – Management, roles and authority
Paulina Valdivia Arias
BTEC Course

Management and leadership in Meteor
1. Introducing Meteor
There are plenty of theories about what leadership and management means, but most of the people give it for granted. Several people, just tend to criticize their managers, or these complain about their people, but very few times, people really understand what’s beyond this, and comprehend that there are different types of managing, as well as there are different types of personalities, or leadership styles. However, in this paper, a company will be analysed, about its management: Meteor. Meteor is a telephone mobile company that started in 1986 in Ireland. It’s part of a bigger company called Eircom, and it has about 30% of market share. Is a very big company, and at the same time, very complex, because it requires different style of management in the different areas, either in the corporative (Marketing, Finance, etc), or in the Retail shops located in several cities in Ireland. Each department has very specific needs, including a proper management. Nevertheless, it’s important to know about the different styles of management, in order to understand the organisation itself, and the way of governing it. In the next sections, will be analysed theoretically and practically, management styles.

2. Compared leadership styles
In order to understand better the concept of management, and therefore apply it effectively, first will be described some different styles of leading. First of all, it’s important to understand that a manager is bureaucratily a leader of a group, but this doesn’t guarantee his/her leadership. A leader must go beyond the structured scheme, and inspire the team to work in a committed and successful way. As it is stated by Laurie J. Mullins “Leaders need to focus on moving people and organisations forward by increasing the competency of staff and the co-operation of teams in order to improve the organisation. “ This clarifies the need of a good and effective leadership style, which could lead the company to a greater competitiveness. However, there are different styles for leadership. J. Mullins talks about 3 main styles in her book: Authoritarian style, Democratic style and Laissez-faire style. The authoritarian style, it’s a vision of power that relies mainly on the manager, and s/he would be the one who would exercise decision-making. An example of this kind of leadership would be found in Microsoft Company, with Bill Gates. He had a vision, where he took the reins of the company, and managed the resources to achieve his personal vision. He worked so that all the interactions of the company, mostly at the beginning, were running towards him. However, it could be said that he achieves success in his company, since it’s one of the most important in our days. He was very clever in making all his team to work towards the objective he has settled to himself, but everyone believed and followed. This style of leadership can be helpful when dealing with new untrained staff, or in conditions where resources or time are very limited, so it would be necessary to rely on one strong leader, and could maintain high standards of performance. J. Mullen also talks about Democratic leadership, as the style that focuses empowering the group and promoting integration. “ The leadership functions are shared with members of the group and the manager is more part of the team.” This means, a shared responsibility for the actions taken by the team. An example of this style could be Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan. He is known for being a guy that always challenged his employees for a better and continuously improved performance. Also, there was a high level of trust from Ghosn to the people, which leaded to strong commitment. This kind of leadership could lead to a participative way of problem solving, and would be useful in areas of the Meteor company, such as...
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