Management and Leadership in Education

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Assignment cover for electronic submission /
Werksopdragbuiteblad vir elektroniese indiening

Student Number / Studentenommer| 13024605|
Dr / Mr / Mrs / Miss| Mrs|
Initials / Voorletters| E.V|
Surname / Van| De Wet|
Programme / Program
e.g. ACE EM / BEd [Hons]| Bed [Hons]|
Module Name / Modulenaam| Management and leadership in Education| Module Code / Modulekode| LVO 721|
Assignment Number / Werksopdragnommer| Assignment 1|
Return e-mail address for this assignment
E-posadres waarheen hierdie werksopdrag teruggestuur kan word.||

For office use only/Slegs vir kantoor gebruik|
Lecturer who marked this assignment /
Dosent wat die werksopdrag nagesien het| |
Date marked / Datum nagesien| |
Mark for this assignment /
Punt vir hierdie werksopdrag| |
Remember to type your name on the plagiarism form and attach that to your e-mail with your assignment / Onthou om u naam op die plagiaatvorm in te tik en die vorm by u werksopdrag aan te heg|

The Unit for Distance Education places specific emphasis on integrity and ethical behaviour with regards to the preparation of all written work to be submitted for academic evaluation.

Although academic personnel will provide you with information regarding reference techniques, as well as ways to avoid plagiarism, you also have a responsibility to fulfil in this regard. Should you at any time feel uncertain about the requirements, you must consult the lecturer concerned before you submit any written work.

The policy for plagiarism is available on the policy website of the Office of the Registrar at http://www, Plagiarism policv.pdf

"Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct. It involves both appropriating someone else's work, and passing it off as one's own work afterwards."

A student will be guilty of misconduct and may be dealt with in terms of this code, if he or she *in University context, infringes a person’s copyright or any other intellectual property,

Including, but not limited to plagiarism;
* in University context, commits plagiarism by stating, or implying, original authorship of someone else's written or creative work (words, images, ideas, opinions, discoveries, art work, music, recordings, computer-generated work), and/or by incorporating such work or material - in whole or in part - into his or her own work without properly acknowledging or citing the source.

If you commit plagiarism, it will result in a disciplinary hearing and suspension of at least six months or exclusion for two years from the University of Pretoria.

For the period that you are a registered student at the Unit for Distance Education, the under-mentioned declaration must accompany all written work to be submitted. No written work will be accepted, unless the declaration has been completed and attached.

I (full names & surname):Ethel Vera de Wet
Student number:13024605

Module & Code: Management and leadership in Education LVO 721

1)I understand what plagiarism entails and I am aware of the University's policy in this regard; 2)I declare that this Assignment 1 (e.g. essay, report, project, assignment, dissertation, thesis, etc.) is my own, original work. In cases where someone else's work was used (whether from a printed source, the Internet or any other source), due acknowledgement was given and reference was made according to departmental requirements; 3)I did not make use of another student's previous work and submit it as my own; and 4)I did not allow, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of presenting it as his/her own work....
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