Management and Leadership at Whiting Turner

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Management and Leadership at Whiting-Turner
October 3, 2011
Lisa McClain

In this paper the content will review the way in which management and leadership is used at Whiting-Turner Construction. It discusses the importance of the organizational culture of both the main office and jobsites across the globe. It will discuss the importance of values and business culture as it relates to the construction industry and how it directly relates to the success or failure of construction projects, through staffing, managing, leading and, organizational culture. Globalization within the construction industry is briefly touched upon showing the need for strong management and leadership while working within the culture of the country the project is constructed.

Management and Leadership at Whiting-Turner
Whiting-Turner is a very accomplished construction company who operates within the United States and several other countries throughout the world. Whiting-Turner leads the industry in many aspects; one key example is their dedication to their staff and customers. They strive to create a culture at their main headquarters and on each project site that creates a positive environment that encourages teamwork, innovation and, quality. Whiting-Turner uses the building blocks of management and leadership along with organizational culture to build successful structures across the globe. Their dedication to safety, performance, efficiency, and innovation in the construction industry sets the standard that many other construction companies strive to imitate.

Construction Leadership and Management
Managing large constructions projects takes leadership’s skills as well as strong management skills. A manager’s responsibility is to use the four function of management that primarily focusing on planning, organizing and, controlling. Managers are responsible for the ongoing day-to-day operations, whereas leaders perform the same day-to-day functions but also orchestrate change, inspire employee and, motivate them to overcome obstacles (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Project managers have a key position in construction companies like Whiting-Turner and are assigned multiple construction projects to manage at once. They are held accountable for the success or failure of all of their construction projects. It is the responsibility of the project manager not only to plan the projects; it is also their responsibility to assign leaders for these projects to ensure the project’s success. Many projects more than five million dollars in value will take multiple managers and leaders (Florida Contractors Licensing Board, 2004, pp. 10-84). The organizational structure is a key component in the success of large projects. Senior project managers at Whiting-Turner’s main headquarters handle all of the company’s construction projects; they assign project managers to several projects usually of similar scope and geographic location. The project managers staff the individual projects with superintendents who in all actuality are the project leaders. Large projects are also staffed with project engineers, junior project managers, project coordinators, and junior superintendents (Florida Contractors Licensing Board, 2004, pp. 10-85). These staff members are on the project site everyday usually in an onsite construction office. Each position is responsible for different aspects of the project. The project manager and superintendent are the keys to the success of the construction project according to Whiting-Turner’s organizational structure (Whiting-Turner, 2010).

Project superintendents are project leaders and work with the different trades, create a construction schedule...
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