Management and Leadership

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‘You cannot manage men into battle. You manage things; you lead people.’ (Hopper 1986)
Two of the most important work roles are that of leader and manager. Many people confuse management and leadership and consider they are the same thing. Though it is argued that fundamentally they are very different. According to Johannsen, management focuses more on work. We manage work activities such as money, time, paperwork, materials, equipment, etc. As stated by Hopper (1986), leadership is more concerned with people. People should not be managed it implies we treat them as objects, people like to be lead (Johannsen). Leadership essentially focuses on people and how they can be influenced. Leader’s focus more on vision, inspiration, motivation, relationships and team work (Howatt 2008). Therefore it's crucial that for individuals in positions of responsibility are able to be effective at both roles. A superior who cannot manage will destroy an organisation just as fast as one who cannot lead. But the person who can do both, are on the path to success (Johannsen). Howett, W. (2008), Leadership Vs.Management, Vol 2, USA, Way with words.

By Murray Johannsen
"Some leaders cannot manage— some managers cannot lead."
In business and in government, one must be both good at both management and relationship effective as both a manager and a leader. These roles are extremely complex, typically requiring university degree(s) and thousands of hours of practice. Leadership and Management: They are not the Same

Most people talk as though leadership and management are the same thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand this. This was discovered a few years ago when doing on-site training in TQM. As part of a class exercise, participants where asked for a definition of Total Quality Management. Everyone got total right, there was even good consistency regarding quality. However, when it came to management, participants were all over the the place. There really...
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