Management and Induction Program

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The Components of an Effective Induction Program

The components of a quality induction program include the following: A. Stated purpose(s) – the impact or results the program intends to achieve B. Clear standards for teaching and student learning

C. Provision of mentors for all beginning teachers
D. Mentoring roles and tasks that are clearly defined for:
• The mentor
• The protégé
• The principal
• The university faculty when the program is a collaborative partnership E. The criteria and process for mentor selection and mentor-protégé matching F. Initial orientation and staff development on induction, designed specifically for • The mentor

• The protégé
• The principal
G. Ongoing staff development and support activities specifically for • The mentor
• The protégé
H. Program logistics
• Providing time for mentoring, coaching, and observations of other effective and experienced teachers • Adjusted job load for new teacher (and mentor if no released time is provided) • Program coordination and leadership, specifically a mentor of mentors • Clearly defined communication lines between mentor, protégé, and principal I. Clear expectations for the mentor-protégé relationship

J. A defined model of new teacher development that predicts needs and growth K. A defined model for the mentoring process that predicts how the mentoring strategies will need to evolve as the protégé develops L. Written support materials, such as new teacher and mentor manuals M. Incentives and recognition for mentoring

N. A defined process for mentor and protégé self-assessment, reflection on current and desired practice, goal setting, and action planning O. A program evaluation and refinement process

Checklist for Developing an Induction Program
Use the following summary as a checklist for developing your program:

← Understand the value of developing an induction program in your district. ← Put together a...
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