Management and Human Skills

Topics: Management, Airline, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Q1. Jeff Bourk would face several challenges in managing the Branson Airport. In the aspect of organizing, in order to maintain a low operating cost, all the airport employees need to do much of the work usually done by airline’s ground staff. However, Jeff would face the challenge of low efficiency in allocating human resources. As Jeff isn’t choosing the right person for the right job, which means that some employees may not familiar with the work of ground staff, time is wasted and resulted in unfavorable outcome. Also, as the location of the airport is just near to the music district, Jeff may face the challenge in increasing the transparency of the airport in order to access for everyone who wants to use the facility. He needs to build and organized a well-developed transportation system. In the aspect of planning, as it is a private commercial airport, no government funding is provided. However, the establishment of the airport will bring benefit to the city, so the city governments agree to pay a fee for each arriving passenger. Thus, he would face the problems in negotiating the contract with city officials for the ‘Pay for performance’ fee which has the difficulty in parleying with the city for the amount of fees. Also, the organizing goal of Jeff is having 250000 passengers flow a year in order to attain a favorable amount of profit. But, he would also face the problem in falling down on their assumption and hence it will affect the profit. In the aspect of controlling, as stated before no government funding is provided. Jeff may face the challenge in coming over the cost of operating, building and maintaining a facility and he may also need to find some outsource capital in order to run the airport. Besides, Jeff aims at developing sustainable services to the passengers. But, he may face the problem in controlling the quality of the airlines services as more airlines companies are added in service. This would also lead to another problem...
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