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Unit 3HRC – Understanding Organisation and the Role of Human Resources

Political 1. UK government changes may impact upon the level of investment given to the manufacturing and construction sectors 2. Public Spending Cuts| Economic 1. Downturn in the economy has negatively affected the manufacturing and construction sector – resulting in some clients going out of business, and having implications upon credit insurance 2. The financial system remains vulnerable to setbacks in both the global economic recovery | Social 1. Increase in the number of jobs individuals have in their life time increases the need for information held about companies and contacts to be regularly updated 2. Health and Safety Act (1974) – increasingly getting stricter – Anti Slip manhole covers and manual handling restrictions 3. New pension – all employees must be enrolled in a pension scheme by 2016| Technological 1. Competitors utilising advances technology – laser cutting 2. Many customers prefer to use fax communications with FSP – need to try and move our customers onto email communications to send quotes/ drawings| Environmental 1. Pressure from the government to encourage all companies and those within their supply chain adhere to ISO 14001 2. Compliance to Fume extraction – welding and plasma| Legal 1. ISO Standards, H&S standards and Accreditations offer quality assurances to customers 1. Introduction of the BS9124 legislation for covers on a metre square 2. Updated EN124 specification – in 2014|

In effect, every function in the business works together. If they didn’t the business wouldn’t work as efficiently.
The main function that Marketing works with is accounts as they need money to advertise the products. Sales work with marketing as they have to have their products advertised for more sales to be brought in.

Production mainly works with sales as they need to make the products which sales have...
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