Management and Hr Practitioner

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The HR profession map was created to assist the HR Practitioner serve the organization with HR best practices. By aligning organizational goals with providing the highest standards of successful competence, we ensure to deliver sustainable organization performance. The HRPM consists of ten professional areas out of which the first two are the most essential towards its successful implementation, eight behaviors and four bands. It describes what we need to do, what we need to know and how we need to do it at each level of our HR career. The core professional areas “strategy, insights and solutions” coupled with managing the HR functions lie at the heart of the map. An effective HR practitioner must develop actionable strategies; prioritize perspectives and delivers persistent realistic solutions in order to lead and manage the human capital whilst providing growth and development opportunities. The structure of the organization is managed through effective “Organization Design” in a manner to ensure goals and objectives are met, as they will spark innovation and drive towards sustainable competence. Finding the most suitable workforce environment and providing them with exciting and challenging opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and improve their capabilities is done through proper “Organization Development”. “Resource and Talent Planning” through employment of suitable and fit for the job workforce will ensure sustainable competence, “Learning and Talent Development” will enable the workforce to acquire and develop skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to grow and advance throughout their career. Consequently “Performance and Reward” recognizes the workforce productivity and rewards them through preferably market based incentive schemes. Part of the workforce performance evaluation is done through “Employee Engagement” and assessment of their loyalty towards the organization. This can only be achievable if “Employee Relations” are managed...
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