Management and Diagnostic Interventions

Topics: Management, Organization development, Leadership development Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: May 28, 2013
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Looking for an Organisation Development Consultancy?Bespoke Organization Development InterventionsNeed Organization Development Training?History of OD › A Beginners Guide to Organization DevelopmentOD Theories and Theorists › Theoretical Background of ODOD Founding FathersNEW! Social PsychologyOrganizational PsychologyThe Future of ODThe OD Cycle › The Contracting and Entry PhaseThe Diagnostic Phase › OD Methods to Collect InformationExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Process ConsultationExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Managerial GridExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Survey FeedbackExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – InterviewsExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Conducting Focus GroupsExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Focused ConversationExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Data Feedback Theatre of InquiryExamples of Diagnostic – Self AwarenessExamples of Diagnostic Interventions – Research MethodsThe Intervention Phase › OD Intervention CategoriesExamples of Interventions – Job EnrichmentExamples of Interventions – Open Space TechnologyExamples of Interventions – Focused ConversationExamples of Interventions – Reflective ListeningExample of Interventions – Ready, Steady, CookExamples of Interventions – Visualisation ExerciseExamples of Interventions – GamestormingThe Evaluation Phase › OD Evaluation and MetricsExamples of Evaluation – Goals Based EvaluationExamples of Evaluation – Process Based EvaluationExamples of Evaluation – Outcomes Based EvaluationExamples of Evaluation – Case StudiesExamples of Evaluation – After Action ReviewThe OD Practitioner’s Blog › The OD PractitionerOD & HRMSponsored By

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