Management and Desirable Personality Traits

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Week 1 DQ1

Review the section in Ch. 5 of your text titled, “An Ethical Choice: What If I Have the ‘Wrong Personality?’” As a manager, what do you if you have someone who scores low in desirable personality traits, but their behavior does not reflect this? How would this affect your management of that employee? How might this affect the organization? 

When an employee has a positive attitude, is a hard worker, willing to complete tasks that are assigned to him/her in a timely fashion, is honest, and has integrity it helps the performance of others within the organization because it shows how a dependable employee should perform their job. This seems to set a standard of how others within the organization should approach their work and maybe it will rub-off on to others. This is the type of characteristics that more managers should show so employees see the standards that are expected of them and will follow the lead of the manager. When someone is negative it can turn the whole company into the same type of mood and that is not good for business. Whereas if someone has a positive attitude it can have the opposite effect, people are more willing to work with a smile on their face, which shows even if it is just over the phone. Positive attitudes can create a greater income for a company because people would rather deal with people that are happy than angry or negative.      As a manger, I would try to encourage employees to perform their jobs at the best level or abilities that they have. I would also put challenges or goals for those employees that are not meeting the standards they are expected to meet. I would then ask the employee, what I could do to help the employee meet the standards of what is expected of them. If these ideas did not work, I would then warn the employee that if they are unable or unwilling to try to meet the standards that the company expects its employees to achieve that I would have to suggest them to look elsewhere for a place of...
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