Management and Continuous Improvement

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Q: Develop an Operations Strategy for Jon Simpson and his Colleagues at Titeflex


Titeflex Corporation was faced with aggressive, low-cost competitors, and shifting market opportunities. The new CEO finds customers irate about late deliveries, competitors gaining market share, managers preoccupied with internal jealousies, and union relationships in a state of warfare. Titeflex's new parent demands financial performance better than the firm's accustomed operations. The CEO is challenged to turn the company around.

• Dismal relationship with Trade Unions • Poor Customer Service
• CEO Profit Driven ONLY
• No Continuous improvement Project • Serious Problem regarding Project Planning, Monitoring, Control • Lack Of Trust (Numerous meeting) – Interdepartmental coordination required numerous formal meeting, whilst departmental loyalties where strong. • Built up Inventories

• One production line to manufacture hose, for the automobile sector and aerospace sector, bottleneck. • Bureaucratic Environment

Operation Strategy:
Put focus on customer, competitor, and the company itself. The three components of what is called the strategic triangle.

• Fitting the existing business environment by addressing the customer’s needs and the competitor’s capabilities yet is capable of anticipating change and responding appropriately.

• Provide a basis for linkages with the key partners along the supply or value chain suppliers, transporters, distributors, retailers, and end customer. • Incorporate the activities of all the company’s major line functions: finance, design and development, marketing and operations....
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