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Coaching is recognized as an important tool to influence the performance of the individual and the organization (Downey,1999) .Modern management style of coaching is to look at employees as an additional resource to the huge enterprise. At present, the management uses different methods and approaches one of which is combining various methods and techniques, giving new opportunities. Where every employee is unique and creative and also capable of solving many problems on their own, they take initiative, make choices, and also take responsibility of decisions. It also unlock's a person's potential to maximize their own performance and development skills by a form of tutoring or instruction (Law ,2002). Good coaching exists as a form of management, and then it is a purposeful process of capacity building of staff, contributing to maximize their personal productivity and success of the company as a whole. Many organizations have to apply the principles of coaching, increasing the efficiency of every employee at every organizational level ,it is one of the features of applying the coaching(Parsloe,1995). Features of a good coaching is to improve the efficiency of operations, this is important because it reveal many previously undiscovered talent among the group members. (Reference) Repeatedly increase personal effectiveness and the rate of human progress toward the goal.

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The necessary human factors at work arose in connection with the increasing complexity of production, on the one hand, when the cost of human error has increased substantially due to increased competition (Reference).That is why in the field of personnel management, there are many technologies to effectively manage people. All kinds of certification, management by objectives, activities to develop a corporate culture and maintaining team spirit, training, coaching, actions are designed to accelerate the adaptation in the world. Significantly, increase in competition, contributes to a large extent a rapid development of information technology. Currently, competitive advantage base on the introduction of new technologies may hold only on a very short time. The new area of competition is not the quality of the engine or the air conditioner, but the design, warranty, service and image. This is because, the success of the organization depends on the effective management by the people (Reference). Most people believe that coaching is beneficial for them and good for their business:for example,35 out of 36 executives who received coaching in South Africa reported that it delivered return on investment( ROI) to their organization (Hall,2006).The percieved average benefit of ROI from 43 respondents was reported to be 57 times the initial investment in a UK study (McGoven,2001).SUe Holland reported that executive coaches from around the world had found it useful in assessing what was cultural norm and what was individually unique at Unilever (Whitenely,2006).Coaching enables people to create space to think about and reflect on their learning.

Coach works to increase awareness, ability and freedom. The freedom to choose the client. In general, coaching is conducted in the form of a dialogue between the coach and the client. Coach offers client possible information of subject that was explored and examined it from all sides.. The coach works primarily with thoughts, emotions, ideas, choices, people's reactions, without changing their external environment (Law, 2007), and can reveal the internal potential in the professional field, highlight priorities and focus on achieving them, and not wasted on small, insignificant problem. Coaching allows you to achieve harmony between the self-fulfillment in the profession and family comfort, the distribution of work and free time, internal dialogue and communication with friends. Client working with a coach, builds confidence that he can achieve his goals and understand how it can...
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