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  • Published : August 8, 2011
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Organizational charts are like the picture albums of a company and do not provide much detail about the complexities and essence of an organization. Some of the many questions that the traditional charts are incapable to identify are as follows:

What parts connect to one another?
How should processes and people come together?
Whose ideas have to flow where?

To overcome these shortcomings and to draw the organizations in a different manner, organigraphs are very useful. Organigraphs, introduce a new creative approach to organizational charts which helps managers see the critical relationships and competitive opportunities. They do not eliminate the little boxes altogether, include new components such as the hubs and webs which reflect the varied ways people organize themselves at work today. They are more than just pictures, they could be thought of as company maps providing an overview of a company rather than too much emphasize on showing individuals or positions.

Components of the Organigraphs

Organigraphs contain four different components: Set, chain, hub and web.


Every organization is a set of items. Sometimes these items do not connect with each other and they remain the way they are, i.e. sets. Examples of sets include parts in a warehouse, law offices, in which professionals are working exclusively with their own clients.


Organizations do not exist to house sets. They exist for the purpose of connection which is shown by the chain. Chains are linear, they promote standardization and therefore enhance reliability. Assembly line in an automobile factory may be given as an example of a chain.


A hub serves as a coordinating center. It is a physical or conceptual point at which people, things or information move to form a coordinating center. Schools, airport and computer may be given as examples of hubs.


Webs are grids with no center, they allow open ended...
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