Management and Business Plan

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Objective: Human Resource information system| |
Apply the theories reviewed in class related to analyzing an HR function and determining the type of HRIS application necessary to automate and create a strategic alliance for this HR department. Students will have an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to a professional business application. | |

Guidelines for All Papers| |
* This project is completed in three stages.
* The first two assignments (Stages I and II of the project) are worth 100 points each. * The final project (Stage III) is worth 270 points.
* Stage I is due Week 2.
* Stage II is due Week 5.
* Stage III, the Final Project, is due Week 7.
* Theory: There should be theory provided throughout all stages of this business plan to substantiate decisions made. All theory must be cited following APA format guidelines (APA Manual 5th or 6th edition). Anything copied word for word must be inside quotes and properly cited in text and on the reference list according to APA format guidelines. Any information that is not your own thought (theory) must also be cited. There should be no more than 5% of quoted material (information copied word for word) in any of these three assignments. * Introduction: The purpose is to: a) introduce the subject and its importance, and b) preview the main ideas and the order in which they will be covered. * Conclusion: Summarizes the main ideas and major support points from the body of your paper. This is not simply rephrasing the introduction or reviewing what was shared in the paper, but providing a closing paragraph for the reader. * All papers must follow these formatting guidelines:

* double spaced;
* 1-inch margins (on all sides);
* Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 font; and
* spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure should be correct. * Title page includes: 1) title of the document, 2) your name, and 3) Keller Graduate School centered, double spaced. * Headers are helpful throughout the paper to insure all assignment criteria is included, help with topical flow, and keep paper organized. | |

Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description| |
Castle’s Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the northern California area with approximately 300-340 employees. Most of the employees are part-time with approximately 40% of them full-time. The operations manager, Jay Morgan, also acts as the HR manager and travels to each location each week to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions for the employees as needed. He also takes care of payroll using an Excel spreadsheet and has a computer application to print payroll checks. Mr. Morgan approaches you, an HR Consultant, for a proposal. Due to the increase in gasoline costs, he would like to greatly reduce his travel time for visiting each location each week and wonders if there is anything you can suggest to him to help him complete his HR tasks in a cost-effective manner. He hopes there is some way he can do part of his HR tasks from his office instead of traveling to each location. Stage I (due Week 2)

Using the case scenario above, provide an assessment of the current business. Describe the company in terms of size, type of business, etc. Explain why you think an HRIS is needed. As the owner of your own HR consulting firm, write a 2-4 page paper that includes the following paper headings, which are denoted in all caps. * BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: The name, type, and size of business you’re assisting. Make assumptions in your business description using theory as needed and include the information in your paper for this case scenario. These assumptions would include background about a restaurant work environment and industry.  * IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS: Review all HR problems identified. I recommend making a list of HR functions that you believe could be more efficient based on the...
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