Management and Brand-focused Online Communities

Topics: Management, Community, Marketing Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Communispace Case Questions:
* As a brand manager would you use Communispace’s service? When would you use it? I would use communispace’s services if my product or service was in the maturity stage in the product life cycle. I would want to know what my customers want, how they still feel about it and what they would like to see. I would also use their service on behalf of introducing a new product to the market. The community would help me understand my consumers and their needs. * What are the advantages and disadvantages of this market research tool compared with alternative methods? Advantages with this tool is that they were “the market leader in creating and managing private, brand-focused online communities for major corporate clients.” They also had an advantage in building relationships with the consumers, they create a level of trust which leads to a high return on insight. Disadvantages are that they have to find ways to keep the activities engaging for the members, so they can learn the underlying emotion. Their competitors were offering full-service market research online communities. That included solutions for designing, building and managing insiging communities as well as an analyzation of the community and the recommendations. Their competitor Vision Critical focused on the global market and the flexibility of products, and they could offer both qualitative and quantitaitive online communites with more members. * What is Communispace’s competitive advantage? How is the company creating value? Communispace’s competitive advantage is leading in creating and managing private, brand-focused online communities for major corporate clients. They are creating value by their subscription based model. The subscription is a 12 month period in which the clients commit to. * What do you think of Communispace’s business model? How is it different from that of traditional market research companies? Business model is the...
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