Management and Behavioural Training

Topics: Management, Soft skills, Leadership Pages: 9 (1109 words) Published: December 27, 2012
My article on Time Management is published in “The Hindu” on May 07, 2008. My second article “Why Employee Training Fails?” was published in “Deccan Herald” on August 13, 2008. You can click here to read this article.

Benefits to your company of my soft skill training: -

• Employees in whatever capacity they work, commercial sense in them is most important. My training programmes are aimed at bringing commercial sense among your staff members. • Though duration of training programmes is just for couple of days, these programmes have been developed after years of research and are being improvised continually. • Businesses of 21st century demand creation of knowledge repositories. By training your staff, you will be able to expand knowledge base of your employees. • It is the organisation culture that fosters, sustains or holds the growth of the company. My training programmes are aimed at making organisation culture conducive to the growth of your company.

A wide array of training programmes through which you can develop your employees: -

|For Executives and Asst Managers |For GM, DGM, AGM and Managers | |Personality Development |Time & Stress Management | |Time Management Skills |Conflict Handling Skills | |Professional & Business Etiquettes |Effective Decision Making Skills | |E-mail Etiquettes |Assertion Skills | |Interpersonal Skills |Team Building Skills | |Superior Customer Service |Behaviour Management or Interpersonal Skills | |Effective Managerial/Supervisory Skills |Career Development of your Subordinates | |Training on Retail Management |Team Leadership/ Organisational Leadership | |Effective Selling Skills |Mentoring - how to share your Wisdom? | |How to be a Team Player |Behavioural Interviewing Skills | | |Presentation Skills | | |E-mail Etiquettes/Business Writing for Managers | | |Transaction Analysis | | |Negotiating Skills | | |Effective Selling Skills | | |How to Build Organisational Culture | | |Employee Empowerment | | |Creative Thinking and Problem Solving | |For Students | | |Personality...
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