Management – an Art or a Science?

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Management – an art or a science?

What is management? A science or an art? Or, maybe, it is combination… The more we talk about it, the more opinions appear…

Nowadays management is a science. Many proceedings devoted to this sphere of business activity, many scientists dedicate their lives to in-depth study of management. But what does manager do?

The main aim of the manager is to organize people. To set objectives, to allot responsibilities, to control the process of goal achievement, to motivate people on the result, to reward good workers and apply sanctions on goalless workers. In fact, you don’t need any special knowledge to do all these things. That’s why management isn’t a science. The only function, what management does is structuring of quite evident methods and facts. What does it mean?

It means, that there are many examples in history, when people without special education were great managers. One of the most famous examples is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a genius manager, whose company reached a lot. All these examples talk us, that only experience or intuition or luck are the keys to success. Many people have a great theoretical base in management as in science. But they can do nothing, because they can’t apple their knowledge in real life.

Also it is important to see the difference between manager and entrepreneur. The first is the person, who initiates business. Manager is a person, who is hired by the board of directors. He doesn’t risk anything. Besides the qualities, which are necessary for managers, entrepreneur should have some more to be successful. He should be happy to take risks, have perspective ideas.

So, management is an art. The art of ruling the company and people.

Borisov A.K. 273
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