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  • Published : July 29, 2013
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From the reading list
L, David,(Oct 2003),’Henry Mintzberg vs Henri Fayol: Of Lighthouses, Cubists and the Emperor's New Clothes’ Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol 8, pp.5-23.

In this article, Lamond introduce Mintzberg's contributions to thinking about managerial work. The author uses different area viewpoints to compare with Mintzberg’s view .His research focuses on related the logical links between Fayol's functions and Mintzberg's roles are demonstrated and have available to us a more integrated theoretical base for research, teaching and advising on management and managerial behavior(David,2003). This article have more useful information about interpersonal roles. At the end, the author pointed that provide amore integrated theoretical framework to guide research and teaching on management and managerial behavior. This article will be useful supplementary information for my research on interpersonal roles.

H,Mintzberg,’The manager's job: folklore and fact.’ Harvard Business Review. Jul/Aug1975, Vol. 53 Issue 4, p49-61. 13p.

In this article, Mintzberg describe what do managers do and how to do more effective. Using resources at hand to discuss the managerial role(Mintzberg,1075). Mintzberg’s research focus on suggests that they play a complex, interviewed combination of interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. This article is useful to my research topic, if managers want to be more effective, they must recognize what their job really is. The main limitation of the article is that Mintzberg did not describe more information about interpersonal in this article. But he told us understanding their jobs as well as understanding themselves takes both introspection and objectivity on the managers' part. This article will be useful supplementary information for my topic.
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