Topics: Small business, Business, Consumer Pages: 4 (986 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Impact of Technological Change on Business Activity
by Osmond Vitez, Demand Media
Business technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Small businesses can implement business technology and level the playing field with larger organizations. Small businesses use computers, servers, websites and personal digital products to develop competitive advantages in the economic marketplace. Small business owners should consider implementing technology in their planning process. This allows owners to create operations using the best technology available. Importance

Small business owners can use technology to reduce business costs. Business technology helps automate back office functions, such as record keeping, accounting and payroll. Business owners can also use technology to create secure environments for maintaining sensitive business or consumer information. Many types of business technology or software programs are user-friendly. This allows business owners with a minor background in information technology to use computer hardware and software. Features

Business technology can help small businesses improve their communication processes. Emails, texting, websites and personal digital products applications, known as “apps," can help companies improve communication with consumers. Using several types of information technology communication methods allow companies to saturate the economic market with their message. Companies may also receive more consumer feedback through these electronic communication methods. These methods also allow companies to reach consumers through mobile devices in a real-time format. Function

Small businesses can increase their employees' productivity through the use of technology. Computer programs and business software usually allow employees to process more information than manual methods. Business owners can also implement business technology to reduce the amount of human labor in business functions. This allows...
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