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Our Mission
To be the partner of first choice for customers and suppliers, ensuring sustained leadership positions in the markets where we compete, delivering long-term business value through a high performance culture, innovation, ethics and responsible care.  

Strategic Thrust

To achieve our mission we will: 

• Give highest priority to health, safety, environment and ethical matters  • Ensure our products deliver maximum value to customers by maintaining dependable supply, consistent quality and reliability  • Uphold excellent service levels to foster long-term relationships with customers and suppliers  • Achieve the highest possible operating efficiencies and lowest costs, and expand the business through selective capacity increase new product launches  • Develop and retain a team of highly capable people dedicated to delivering the mission

Shareholder Info
Shareholders of ICI Pakistan Limited are hereby informed that effective 01-September, 2006 M/s FAMCO Associates (Pvt) Limited have been appointed as Shares Registrar of the Company. All shareholders should contact M/s FAMCO Associates (Pvt) Limited in connection with day to day transfers, verification of transfer deeds, change of address, zakat declaration, dividend mandate and other shares related matters including delivery of definitive share certificates in exchange for the paid Right Allotment Letters or exchange of the old shares with new shares at the following address: FAMCO Associates (Pvt) Limited 

(formerly Ferguson Associates Private Limited) 
State Life Building 2-A, 4th Floor, 
Wallace Road, off. I.I. Chundrigar Road, 
Karachi-74000 (Pakistan).
Tel: (021) 32420755 / 32427012 / 32426597 / 32475606 / 32425467  Fax: (021) 32426752

Brief of the Company:Introduction:

ICI has consistently developed new and innovative areas of  businesses, since its formation in December 1926, by the merger of four of the largest chemical companies in the UK. ICI today is acollection of world class businesses, many of them leaders in theirsectors. They are strongly led, technologically sophisticated withhealthy and sustainable long-term growth prospects.ICI’s paints brands are some of the most successful in the world. It’sstarches and adhesives find their way into everything from foods to building materials, and from sports shoes to medical electronics. Itslubricants make vehicle transmission and fridges run smoothly, andthe vital ingredients in many personal and household care productscome from ICI.ICI brings together a family of businesses with an impressive recordof innovation and an ability to meet the changing needs of anincreasingly global marketplace. The Company has a range of over50,000 products, more than 38,000 employees and over 200manufacturing facilities in 55 countries worldwide.ICI Pakistan Limited is a 75.81% owned subsidiary of ICI Plc, UK. It was set up as a public limited company in Pakistan in 1952. ICI’spresence in this part of the world, however, predates the formation of the public limited company and indeed, Pakistan itself. The KhewraSoda Ash Company, a predecessor of ICI Pakistan Limited, set up asoda ash manufacturing facility in Khewra in 1944 with a capacity of 18,000 tones per annum. This facility was sited next to the salt range as rock salt and limestone; two key raw materials for manufacturingsoda ash were available here in abundance.

ICI Businesses:
Today, ICI Pakistan’s five businesses,


Soda Ash 



Life Sciences 
These include, Polyester Staple Fibers, POY Chips, Light and DenseSoda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Paints Decorative, Refinish,Industrial & Projects and for manufacturers of vehicles, Specialty Chemicals, Polyurethane, and Adhesives and arranges manufactureon a toll basis of Pharmaceutical and AnimalThe turnover of ICI Pakistan Limited in 2001 was Rs. 12.8 billion andgross assets employed amounted to Rs. 14.98 billion. It is one of the Largest quoted...
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