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Kraft could see firsthand how an organization like Orpheus works in a self-governed, collaborative team environment where there is no set leader. Orpheus is committed to excellence and it is a leadership by committee organization. This atmosphere enhances creativity among its members but not in a chaotic fashion. This is because they are all committed to the mission of bring fine music to their constituencies. A company like Kraft and others can observe and figure out a way to structure parts of their organizations in order to create the same atmosphere of accountability, teamwork and shared leadership. This would flatten the organization and create a more entrepreneurial spirit in an otherwise traditional organization. Orpheus, through time, has come to understand that in to function and perform as a group without a conductor, it is necessary for each member to experience being a leader and being a supporter depending on the individual’s musical expertise. By rotating the leaders, each member will learn how to actually organize rehearsals, moderate and resolve debates and conflicts among members. Also, not being leader all the time, Orpheus believes that it would take the pressure off from wanting to get your way all the time. Musicians who got bored and felt constricted in a regular orchestra decided to create a group where ideas and creativity will flow. Because of that premise, Orpheus was created as the first orchestra without a conductor and a permanent concertmaster. In lieu of those permanent leadership roles, Orpheus first tried an open-floor practice where everybody’s idea will be tested out. This proved cumbersome and time-consuming in the long run. The group then decided to form the core group, the concertmaster, and the executive committee
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