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1. Chapter 19-Managing Organizational Culture
You are looking for a job and see a position opening that piques your interest. You like the position and qualify for it. In preparing for your employment interview, you decide to ask three questions about culture within the organization that would be vital in assessing the likelihood of your career flourishing within the company. List the three questions you believe would help you assess the degree of career success you would expect within the company. Explain why you would ask each question An interview is a kind of interaction or conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts regarding knowledge and experience. If I go through my job interview for position that I am interested in and considered myself as appropriate person to do it, I will ask question based on organization culture. Organization culture is set of shared values or behavior that organization members have regarding the functioning and existence of organization. 1) How does this particular position can be linked to the organization objectives or goals? 2) In what way organization is rewarding people for their hard work and performances towards the organization mission? 3) To what extent an individual can participate in decision making process. Does organization involve subordinates to participate in making decisions? First, Purpose of organization mission need to clearly state the main objective of their organization and understanding employees how their efforts contribute to accomplish them. If employees understand how their efforts result in accomplishment of organization mission will eventually results in hard work and employee commitment. Primary focus is on determining what individual employee will do in an organization and how their individual efforts should be combined to advance the attainment of organization objectives. So, I need to know clearly all jobs and responsibilities for this position and how it will contribute towards accomplishing organizational objectives. Second, I considered employee recognizing and motivation as other important factor how organization is contributing toward influencing or motivating employees. What scale of measurement is used to map the performance of employees and rewarding accordingly. This basically results in increasing employee commitment to attaining organizational goals. If someone uphold the values of organization should be rewarded which tends to increase his/her commitment further. Third, I would ask interviewer regarding management leadership which decide up to what extent individuals are allowed to participate in decision making process. Well I think a person who is doing a particular job everyday know more than a manager do. He/she is well aware of working conditions, environment and other work related problems. So their involvement during planning phase is quite important which can overall results in accomplishing objectives as they can bring all major problems to management desk.

Chapter 9 - Personal SWOT Analysis- Making the Most of Your Talents and Opportunities SWOT Analysis represents an important tool for your strategic planning skill. Using SWOT analysis, top executives can better understand the strengths and weakness of their organization as well as the opportunities and threat in the external environment. Suppose you are interviewing for a position in an organization. How might SWOT analysis help you to prepare for an interview? Now suppose you started working in an organization. How might SWOT analysis help you better understand your position and role in the organization.

SWOT is strategic planning method to evaluate Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Weakness in organization and business. SWOT can be divided into two categories: internal factor and external factors. Internal factors relate to strength and weakness of organization as a whole and external factors relate to...
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