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Management and leadership
Section 103

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March 18th 2013

Authentic leaders see what everyone else sees and then have a dream to find new possibilities. The nurture a strong relationships with the people they lead. Authentic leader have same characteristics like sun as sun gives all it have to plants and in return they grew up towards the sun. Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestle has almost all abilities to be an authentic leader. I believe he deserves rank 8 because of his unique leadership style of balancing gender. Before he was appointed, only two women were on the main board. He has the impression that “women are more balanced and less aggressive.” (Bulcke,, 2008). He championed the role of women at nestle resulted in increase of sales for the company. Moreover, Paul keeps his profile low but his employees know that he can hit the dance floor at events. He helped the company to maintain its goodwill in a conservative way but as a strong entity. Paul sips coffee and paints a futuristic picture of how it can be changed to make it better. Paul made many shortcuts to keep things going on which helped company to develop new capabilities to meet the challenges. In addition to it, Paul is true to his values in all respects as he made people feel that they have ownership. “If your strategy is right, stick to the strategy. Maintain your inspiration which is long term, but do act short term.” (Bulcke, 2009). He provided ways to people to attain their goals effectively. His followers never had to worry about the issue and his followers know that Paul know to handle the situation. Authentic leaders should have insight which is missing in Paul Bulcke. He is more of introvert person who can’t...
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