Topics: Pizza Hut, Human resource management, Employment Pages: 15 (3757 words) Published: March 26, 2013
List of Abbreviations

← Transcom Food Ltd (TFL)

← Restaurant General Manager (RGM)

← Assistant General Manager (ARM)

← Shift Manager (SM)

Objectives of the study

The main purpose of the study is to compare the theoretical knowledge with practical scenario and at the same time get an in-depth knowledge about Human Resource Management of Transcom Food LTD. In order to serve this purpose the following objectives have been satisfied:

• To learn about the recruitment process of Transcom Food Ltd

• To learn about the selection process of Transcom Food Ltd

• To learn about the training and development process of Transcom Food Ltd

After successful completion of the course works, this report has been prepared by the group members, for our Course Faculty for evaluation of practical perspective. The Project Report is prepared on a real life study with the text perspective in a practical way.

Scope of the study

The report study will be conducted on ‘Human Resource Management’ at Transcom Food Ltd. It includes the recruitment, selection & Training process. This Project report covers:

1. Description of Transcom Food Ltd. as a company – A description of the establishment of Transcom Food Ltd, its mission, approaches, activities, administrative structure, legal entity and other information.

2. Human Resource planning of the organization – Overall description of HR planning system of the company Transcom Food Ltd.

3. Process of Recruitment and Selection in the organization – By identifying a specific job the total recruitment and selection process has been discussed with various issues.

4. Training and Development process of the organization – a brief discussion of the HR training and development process and practices of the organization.

5. A Summary of the Findings and Evaluation – A brief description of the findings and evaluation of my study from a holistic point of view.

This is merely a descriptive report. Most of the data’s and information’s are collected through informal interviews with the respective executives


We actually went through many phases for research method. We have followed the guideline supplied by our Faculty.

Firstly, we created a conceptual framework of the topic.

Secondly, we collected data from primary and secondary sources.

Thirdly, we analyzed the data to fit the data in appropriate location to have meaningful and relevant information.

Fourthly, we implemented and developed by writing the information under proper heading.


The major limitation of this report is that no previous study is done before on Transcom Food Ltd, Human Resource Department. So no secondary study material was available. The study is heavily relied on observational and informational method which has its own disadvantages and not a very effective method. There is a particular department for HRM but they don’t share all things for their law, though HR manager shared information regarding some of their practices.


Muhammad Shihab Sarkar

Associate HR & Admin

Transcom Foods Ltd

Cell: 0717-610633

Overview of Transcom

Transcom started at 1885 with tea plantations. Now Transcom is one of the leading and fastest growing Companies in Bangladesh which has over 8000 employer. In Transcom, Tea was the first business which got supported by Jute business, although they still attached with this business. Recently Transcom has emerged as the largest media house in Bangladesh. The company showed its operation in 1993 by taking over Philips electronics and electrical company in the country. There are related parts of transom are:

Lighting & Electrical Distribution: home brand is transec...
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