Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, PepsiCo Pages: 13 (4895 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Unit Title: Communications in Business 100

Assessment: Critical Essay

Company: Pepsi Company Ltd

Essay Title:Corporate Environmental Obligation:
An examination of the performance of Pepsi Co

Student Name: Chomansingh Mareachealee

Student Number: 15570501

Semester: 1 2011

Campus: Charles Telfair Institute

Tutor’s Name: Sarita Ramanan

Tutorial Day and Time: Tuesday (11:30-13:30) GP 4

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 | Table of content|
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| Content:|  |
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| Introduction| 2|
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| The case against Pepsi Co and its impact & implication:|  | | |  |
| (A) Achieving positive water balance| 2&3|
| (B) Land & Packaging- Moving towards zero landfill| 4| | (C ) Climate change- reducing the carbon Footprint of operations| 5| | (D) Protecting Natural resources and health| 6|
| | |
|  |  |
| The case for Pepsi Co and its impact & implication:|  | | | |
| (A) Pesticide controversy in India and Carbon dioxide emission| 7| | (B) Using Tap water for Bottling| 7&8|
| (C )Health issues and Recycling problem| 8&9|
| | |
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| Conclusion:| 9|
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| References:| 10&11&12|
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Re: Corporate Environmental Obligation: An examination of the performance of Pepsi company Introduction:
Modern organizations have high considerations for societal contribution. Nowadays, customers are environmental conscious and concerned about ecological implications. Social performance has become an important pillar for effectiveness and survival. It is a benchmark for measuring organization and societal progress. PepsiCo ltd., one of the world’s largest food and Beverages business deals in Pepsi cola drinks, Frito-Lay snacks, sports drinks and Quaker foods, there is a high risk of both environmental and human harm (Citizenship report2009). However, the latter is also investing in new methods to reduce environmental impacts and moving towards sustainable growth. This essay examines how Pepsi Company has performed with regards to the environment and showing their impact on the environment and stakeholders. The case for Pepsi co:

Achieving Positive water balance
Water is essential in the production process, for the food and beverages company. To avoid wastage and exploitation of water, Pepsi has adopted ecological production processes like recharging, replenishing and reusing processed water through innovative purification process. In 2009, Pepsi achieved a positive water balance over sustainable agriculture practice (Sustainability Rpt 2009). Pepsi are using various ways to preserve and save water through the construction of huge containers and reservoir and further accumulating rain water from the rooftop and from exhumed lakes and ponds to continue reinforcing the backup of water in the neighboring areas (Annual Report 2009). The Pepsi Corporate Citizenship report 2009 suggests, they have saved more than 5 billion liters of water by reducing 30% of their water use through direct sowing on paddy lands instead of developing the germs in nursery. Pepsi is further purifying recycled bottles with air rather than using water and are helping local farmers to install irrigation system by using rain water harvesting.

Impact and Implication:
Pepsi has partnered with NGO to help the local farmers to improve the crops’ quality and yield more crops which will help to promote and improve the latter’s income and societies can have more access to harmless consumable water. However, there are some areas where people are still striving for water and dying because of thirst and dehydration. Pepsi must respect the human right for water through world class efficiency in their operations.

Land & Packaging- Moving towards zero landfill

Plastic-based packaging is extremely harmful to the environment due to their slow decomposition. The...
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