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Executive summary

This report explores the issues that made the Little Chef Restaurant failed to provide good quality in food and other aspects such as service and environment are still need to be improved. The report applies the operations management theories to analyze the failure of Little Chef in various parts on the basic of customer benefits package. Firstly, the quality management and quality control analysis will be showed by identifying the gaps between producers and customers and finding the internal/external failure costs. Secondly, it could be found that the food quality and the customers’ feedback are the internal and external performance measure respectively and there are critical for Little Chef to modify the shortages. Also, the restaurans need to aware that the social responsibility and it is a necessary step to build a good reputation in the public. Thirdly, the product design includes the fault tree analysis and the value analysis which guide Little Chef to find out the food quality problems and generate approiate solutions. Furthermore, the relationship among waiting lines, front/back office and the service scape in service design will be clearified and those elements ensure a efficient operation. In addition, the report will show that how Little Chef use technology to support their day-to-day business.


The objective of this report is to analyze the causes and effects of unsuccessful situations about the Little Chef Restaurant by applying the operations management theories and provide recommendations to Little Chef survive from the financial downturn. For the Little Chef case, the major problem is the food quality and the report will comment on how to design the products to match the customers' expectation. Base on the analysis of the customer benefits package, the service is also critical to measure the success so that it is necessary for the restaurants to build a good relationship with their clients. Therefore, Little Chef needs to investigate the tastes of the largest population in order to satisfy the customers' requirements.

Customer Benefit Package of Little Chef

Customer benefit package of Little Chef is that the consumers desire to obtain when they dinning in the restaurants. As a customer, food is the most importamt element to build up the impression for the restaurant. Also, the service and environment are the second importand element for customers to decide whether they willing to come back and consumer in the restaurant again. Moreover, the price of the dishes is the crucial consideration that should be consistent with the food quality and quantity. Before providing all those benefits to the customers, safety of the food is the precondition because consumers are extremly care about the unclean dishes which will totally destroy the company’s image.

Quality from producer’s and customer’s perspective (final product-meal)

As a restaurant, the quality of meal is a critical standard for customers to measure the restaurant’s performance. If the food could not satisfy them, the bad image may reduce the frequency for customers to consume back at that restaurant. But sometimes, customers’ perception is not actually consistent with what producer considers. For instance, although the producer care about the food quality that provided for customers, they think more on the costs of ingredients because it related to their profits. Otherwise, customers focus on the price, taste, appearance and quantity. The differences may let the producer hard to target right customers and they could not one-hundred percent satisfy them every time. Therefore, it is possible for producer to investigate customers’ needs and wants, and then they can determine what they should offer as well as matching clients’ expectations at the same time.

External failure costs: change the...
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