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Project Management Diploma Course

Unit One

Assignment 1.

Show what you understand by the term “project”

My understanding of the word Project is it can be defined as a package of ideas and measures to achieve completion target time period. A project is run by means of a financial budget, it is important to monitor your budget a regular basis to ensure confidence that you are on stable ground. A project has many resources e.g. (people, equipment and money), without these a project is impossible.

Look around where you live or in the local news paper and give two examples of projects you came across?

Example 1

A new bypass motor- way is in progress, target completion date is June 2014.

Example 2

A golf course has been given the green light by the local county council; it is now in project planning stage.

Describe one function you would perform if you were a manager?

As a manger Iwould use my skills to guide and control my work colleagues/ team members so as manager I could benefit and be confident is achieving my completion target dates.

Give one difference between project management and general management.

Project management is where you manage a project, in this you set a starting target date and a completion target date, when the project is completed we move on the next project, so project management has only a short term life – span, where general management has a permanent life span.

Why is it important not to miss or skip any phase in the project cycle?

Phase one: Project identification stage: It is important not to skip this stage because the project will not exist. A project needs this stage to identify if it is realistic or worthwhile advancing to the next stage.

Phase two: Project planning stage: It is important not to skip this stage because the main reason for project failure is due to lack of planning or no planning at all. It is critical to set out a plan at the beginning of the project, e.g....
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