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InterWest Insurance Services uses contract analysis and physical inspections/"walk-arounds," among other things, to identify loss exposures for several health clubs. The contract analysis method is used to identify any possible liability loss exposures within the clubs membership agreement. For clubs operating out of buildings that are more than 25 years old, InterWest takes care in its evaluation of the building. They perform physical inspections to make sure the building is in compliance with local ordinances and laws, and to insure that the roofing,plumbing,wiring,etc. have been updated. These physical inspections/walk-arounds seek to identify any property and liability loss exposures the building may present.

Walmart's pre-loss goal of tolerable uncertainty allowed the company to remain dedicated to its social responsibility ,in the midst of crisis. The Wrgwnxy Operations Center made sure the needs of store managers in the storm area were addressed before Katrina could hit. They alerted the company trucking division to ship back up generators and fuel to stores so they would be prepared for power losses and dry ice of the generators failed. Walmart was exemplary in maintaining its social responsibility througought this crises, enhancing their reputation. They acted ethically and fulfilled obligations to the community and society as a whole. Walmart arrived so early in the disaster area that they often wound up running their own relief efforts. Some fended off looters and gave away items to the truly needy. Others hauled food to shelters in the flood zone and rolled into cities with food and water so people could survive.

Sun Microsystems used the "Ask Employees and Managers in the firm" loss exposure identification method to gauge the seriousness of its China supply-chain risks. Sun employs a statistical method called "expert elicitation," where they ask employees knowledgable about Vhina to compose a list of risks and rank them by

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