Managed Care

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Illness Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: July 20, 2008
The pros of a managed care are that it is designed to make the health care more affordable. People that subscribe to this pay a set fee regardless of their medical issues and needs. People with chronic illnesses especially value these benefits so they can get regular treatment and effective health maintenance. By sharing resources this may help health organizations run more efficiently and effectively. Physicians have more time to spend with their patients. By physicians having more time to spend with their patients, they have less demand and running a medical practice. Managed care has a goal to keep patients well. For them to make more money it will take people not having to pay for costly treatments. Managed care organizations that provide preventive services and information may be beneficial to the patient. The cons of managed care are that the premium cost has risen. By the costs rising managed care organizations may under treat the patient. A managed care physician gets part of the salary without the patient's cost is more than the set amount. Some patients lose the ability to choose their caregivers. Patients with full-benefits have limited providers. If a patient changes their employer they may also have to change their benefits. Paperwork is another frustration for the patient's. Caregivers say that it is almost impossible for them to do their job and meet the increasing demand for paperwork. Also medical information becomes less confidential on patients. The pros of a consumer's perspective are that the person can choose their own caregiver, in having the traditional insurance. With managed care the only person has to pay a set amount. The consumer is able to look at what insurance is best for them. The cons of consumer's prospective are with the traditional insurance a person would have to pay money out of his or her own pocket each year. With traditional insurance person is to pay eighty percent of the...
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