Manage Personal Work Priorities & Professiona Development

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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Manage personal work priorities and professional development

When planning and organising your work, what qualities do you need to demonstrate in order to serve as a positive role model to others in the workplace?
To serve as a positive role model, you need to have the following attributes: Uncompromising Integrity High Energy Good at working priorities Courageous A committed and dedicated hard worker Unorthodox and creative Goal orientated Inspired & contagious enthusiasm Staying level headed A desire to help others grow & succeed. What are your own responsibilities and accountabilities in the workplace? How do you co ordinate your personal work goals, plans and activities to reflect on your organisation’s plans, your own responsibilities and accountabilities? I have several responsibilities and accountabilities within my workplace environment. I am responsible for ensuring my Boss is aware of his schedules & day-to-day activities. I view my responsibilities as a part of who I am. My work must display that attitude and I am held accountable for anything that I am responsible for. I ensure that the flow of my work is reasonable, managed and established. I keep a positive attitude towards anything that may otherwise feel negative at times. I accept my responsibilities and admit my errors; I may have contributed to, to at the time. Whether that would be through poor decision making, lack of understanding, I am sure to point it out or have them pointed out. I see the negativity as an opportunity to grow and I turn that feedback into something constructive, which allowsme to change the things that do not serve a purpose within my current work load. I manage my time effectively, I organise and roster and I ensure that my superior is made aware of any upcoming/shortcomingevents. Work responsibilities and accountabilities takes discipline, although we may falter at times, as we are imperfect, as long as the correct measures are taken to re-write a...
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