Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment-Nvq Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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1. Explain the purpose and benefits of planning work and being accountable to others for your own work.

With a plan we can get a rough estimate of at least how much time the course of action would take.

The advantages of planning:

· Planning gives a rough estimate of the time required for completion of the actions and defines the actions that one will be performing.

· It helps plan the budget.

· It helps to be ready to face emergencies.

· It helps you to be organised on a day to day, weekly and monthly basis.

· Planning helps avoid duplication of labour.

While planning you have to obtain as many details about the piece of work you are doing to enable you to produce your work as efficiently as possible.

You can write your plans down on a to-do list - Writing down everything has two purposes.

Firstly, you are planning your job and the tools you need.
Secondly, you are making a written account of your job for others to see. In this way, if you are asked what you have done at any time, you can show it to them and be accountable for your work.

2. Explain the purpose and benefits of negotiating realistic targets for work and the ways that you do this

It is important to negotiate realistic targets to get the jobs done on time, other wise it will have a bad remark on your work ethics. It is always good to plan for extra times, rather than tight timeframes, because quality in work is very important. The ways to negotiate are,

Planning and preparation: Have clear cut objectives and stay by them. Collect all the information needed to complete the task even before starting the task. Discussion: It is worth having a discussion with experiences staff or seniors to get advice on whether your plan or assumption about a plan is good enough to complete the task perfectly. Review and propose: Explain realistically your suggestions and wait for a response. Speak to the team, and take in advice and suggestions. Bargain and settle: Look for deals that best suit the company’s budget and also do not fail to check quality. Negotiate with the dealers and settle in the best affordable deal. 3. How do you prioritise targets and set timescales for your own work?

Every job or task whether important or not, whether urgent or not has a deadline, and has to be completed within the agreed timescale. Work and tasks have to be prioritised depending on the nature of work, length of work, urgency and the deadline on it.

The most urgent tasks should be on high priority list, so is the job that will require most time but less urgent, because you will have to work through on it for a few days or maybe even weeks. So look through the different stages of the task or project and estimate the time it will take to complete each step. This way you will be able to set a timescale for the entire task, and decide on a date, and then start working towards completion on that day. This will help motivate yourself and spend the required time working on it, to complete it at the right time.

To achieve your target, make sure you

· Decide how much time you will need to spend each week to achieve your task on time.

· Keep the date on your diary, so it helps you to be focussed.

· Have a record of all steps that are completed towards achievement, this will help to motivate yourself.

· Check each week to see if you are spending the right amount of time as planned, and most importantly check to see if you have achieved what you have set out each week.

· When you get used to this plan, you will see that it becomes your routine, and will help you achieve with not much difficulty.

4. What types of problems might occur during work and how do you deal with them?

Problems can occur at anytime at work and one has to be prepared to face them and resolve them without it affecting the normal functioning of the team and organisation. If there are situations where a task can not be completed on the required date, make sure to...
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