Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Understand how to plan work and be accountable to others
* – One important guideline to follow that is relevant to personal work is communication (i.e. if you don’t understand something, ask someone who can explain). Another guideline or procedure would be to take responsibility of your own work and the delivery of it (for example, checking your work before its delivery or having your superior check it, to ensure there are no mistakes). * – It is important to plan work because, in many cases, it makes work more efficient. Planning work means that you can set priorities so that the most important things are done first. If you are accountable to others for your own work it means that you are solely responsible for your work and the person who you are accountable to (i.e. your employer) will be able to check that your work is to the correct standard. * – Realistic targets are set for work to ensure that staffs are focused on accomplishing a target that they can achieve. This is important because it means that staff can contribute effectively towards their target without pressure to complete it within a time frame they cannot manage. This is beneficial because it means tasks can be completed quickly and staff will be more compliant to ensure that the tasks are completed. * – When setting a realistic target you need to think about how much work you are able to do and in how much time. You need to think about what is a fair deadline for the amount of work you are doing. For example, if you do not have a lot of work to do but you set yourself a lot of time to do it in, you are not necessarily going to be motivated to improve yourself and your efficiency. Equally if you take on too much work in too little time you would be taking on too much pressure and risk the possibility of not being able to provide your best work, or meet the deadline. * –

* – It is important to keep others informed about the progress of your work as it shows...
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