Manage Employee Relations

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Manage Employee Relations – BSBHR604A
Element 1 – True False Quiz.
1. Freedom of Association is not a valid policy - False 2. Change in an organisation has little effect on employee relations. – False 3. Employee Relations are concerned with how to gain peoples commitment to the achievement of the organisations business goals and objectives. – True 4. Personnel and development professionals are expected to play their part alongside line managers in maximising the contribution of people to the achievement of current and evolving business objectives. – True 5. Employment relations strategy is not relevant to external consultants – False 6. You must develop your employment relations strategy in isolation. – False 7. There is only one means to resolve all employment relations issues – the courts. False 8. Strategy must allow management to participate in negotiation processes. – True 9. Employee relations strategy need not concern itself with managing change programs. - False. 10. A strategy developed by your organisation should examine how your employees are treated in the workplace. – True

Element 2 – True False Quiz.
1. The employment contract sets out the terms and conditions of employment and is legally binding. – True 2. All contracts must be written. – False
3. A standard clause in a contract states the wages paid. – True 4. All organisations will have a single contract. – False 5. Negotiation need not be taken seriously. – False
6. Retention management ensures you retain your best staff. – True 7. If inducted, staff has difficultly fitting into an organisation. False 8. Negotiation is best handled over the phone. – False

9. The purpose of induction is to ensure the effective integration of staff into or across the organisation. – True 10. All staff requires induction. True

Element 3 – True False Quiz.
1. A grievance is a formal expression of dissatisfaction about a work situation...
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