Topics: Management, Strategic management, Finance Pages: 5 (866 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Does the firm use strategic management concepts?
Yes, the management uses strategic management concept to gain the profit which is the ultimate goal of every company, survival in the industry and to get and sustain competitive edge. Question2
Are the company objectives and goals are measurable and well communicated? Yes, the company goals and objectives are measurable in terms of numbers and achievement the company planned to get e.g the company wants 34% market share in a certain industry but attainting this goal you can easily measure your goals. Question3

Do managers at all hierarchical levels plan effectively?
Yes, mangers at all level plans effectively to ensure that the company and its goals which are defined going accordance with the planning . Question4
Do managers delegate authority well?
Yes, the manager delegates authority well top observe what has been going in their department and what are the ways they can make process more effective and refine in his concerning department and delegation authority is embedded in the strategic management process. Question5

Is the manager is controlling the employee effectively?
Yes the manager is controlling effectively but keeping their interest in the company work and by motivating them in such a way that they can work in one direction and united to achieve company goals. Question6

Are the job specification and job description is clear?
Yes, the employee must know what they are needed and required to do in the company for this purpose the job specification and description help them know what is expected from them and how they will execute it according to their skills.

Are employee turnover and absenteeism low?
Yes , the employee turnover and absenteeism is low because managers has pulled over his best to motivate the employees to do the work by giving them incentives and special attention and appreciating their ideas.




Are the funds are managed by managers?
Managing the funds or money the firm needed is the most important thing to do in the finance and every mangers first duty is to ensure ho0w much fund its organization needs to run its operation and long terms processes. Question2

How to raise the fund?
First the managers has to think what are the ways he can raise the money or fund for a organization , whether it is to braised by and external source or an internal source . Question3
Are the plans are going in accordance with the projected statement? Whenever a project is started the first they do is to do planning and make projected or profoma statement to analyze in what ways the money will out flow and inflow and match those result with the planned assumption to check the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan. Question4

How to meet short term liabilities?
Short term liabilities are of 1 to 12 months period which are to be paid by the organization to continue their current activities. Question5
How to meet long term liabilities?
Long term liabilities are over the period of more than 1 year. This involves company long term planning to meet it and necessary steps are taken to maximize the profit of company so that they can get enough money to pay off their long term liabilities. Question6:

What assets do we have for LTD and short term liabilities?
Balance sheet items are classified by the manager to analyze what we hold for LTD and short term liabilities, generally current assets are assigned against short term liabilities because of their liquidity. Question7

On what units the breakeven point can be achieved?
The finance manager will do many calculations by analyzing the cost per unit and selling price per unit to know on what number on units the company get breakeven point and start getting the profit. Question8

Are the capital budgeting procedures are effective?

Is the firm debt situation is excellent?

Is the...
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