Man Who Invented Management

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The Man Who Invented Management

Drucker was the first to assert that workers should be treated as assets, and not as liabilities to be eradicated. He believed in trust and respect for each worker in every company. I agree with that statement completely. The more that worker’s feel important and appreciated in a company, the better they will perform. The treatment of workers is proportional to the services that workers provided. Along with this, positive treatment to workers gives a good reputation to the company often leading to more customers. Drucker pressed the idea of, “…no business without a costumer.” This is another aspect of Drucker’s management that I agree with. In business, whether it is a small firm, or a fortune five hundred company, customer service is key to success. In my very first job I remember being taught that the customer was always right. Early in his life, Drucker stood out against Hitler and Nazi Germany by organizing a protest and writing an essay in opposition of him. This shows the courage and strong willed personality even before he became a great businessman and leader in the management world. I think that being a leader is about more than delegating orders; it’s about staying true to one’s beliefs and leading by example. This is exactly what Drucker did, even in the non-business aspects of his life. I admire Drucker’s secrecies regarding his personal life. He kept business separate from his life beyond the office. I think that allows a person to debrief and enjoy their leisure time and hobbies in life. Sometimes strong business leaders become so engrossed in their job that they lose sight of the importance of things they once valued as a high priority. They end up losing family, friends, and their true identities in the process. Overall, I strongly agree with Drucker’s philosophy as a whole. The author states, “He taught generations of managers to importance of picking the best people, of focusing on opportunities and not...
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